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To promote and enhance bagpipe music through educational funding and partnership.


The goals and objectives of the Society are:

• Strive to encourage the development of Scottish bagpiping

• To promote and assist individual Highland bagpipers through educational funding and partnerships

• Development of youth programs supporting Highland bagpiping locally, nationally, and internationally

• Encourage greater appreciation of bagpiping heritage.

• To offer education scholarships and bursaries for bagpipe students to use for private lessons, workshops, and piping  schools, and travel to major events.

• To assist with the achievement of pre determined goals globally.

• To work in partnership with some of the summer schools to “double up” on some tuition scholarships. 

• To apply a “pay it forward” (clause) so the recipient can give back in some way to their community  Eg: Free lesson(s) to some other students, free performance at a seniors home? Volunteering their musical skills or performance ability to help another cause.